April Lawyer has been dancing for over 17 years. She studied dance primarily as part of the Towson University Dance Department. At Towson, she worked with several notable dance instructors such as: Linda Denise Fisher, Stephanie Powell, and Jayne Bernasconi. Her specialty is Modern Dance Techniques, but she also has extensive knowledge in several other forms such as: Ballet, Tap, Improvisation, and Jazz.

In the past, she performed mostly as part of church and religious ensembles. Now she is a member of the highly acclaimed Full Circle Dance Company. Full Circle is a multi-cultural group that specializes in several forms of dance. The company has a special performance every year that centers around a theme and showcasing the choreography and performance ability of the company’s members. She also maintains her roots in Liturgical Dance as part of Revelations, a religious dance group.

April has significant experience in teaching dance to students of all ages. In the past she has worked as a freelance dance instructor. From 2001 – 2005, she taught and led a dance group for a local church in Baltimore, MD, for ages 7 - 13. From 2005 -2007, she taught Modern Dance Techniques, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Musical Theatre for the community of Baltimore County. Her duties involved traveling to different schools and teaching classes with students ages 6 - 12 of various levels of dance experience.

She has also taught on behalf of Childcraft Development for ages 2 - 11. Her work with this company involved teaching at several schools around the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. She tailored her curricula to the particular desires of each school. This involved exposing the children to dances from different cultures and preparing for graduation recitals and other performances.

Most recently she has been employed by Ballet Petite. At Ballet Petite, she has taught students ages 18 months to 13. She has taught several different classes including: Dancing Together, Ballet (Royal Academy of Dance curriculum), Hip Hop, Tap, and Jazz. She also conducted ballerina and musical theatre themed birthday parties. This is April's third year with the James School of the Dance Arts.


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